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Kiwivac Central
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Kiwivac Central
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What will a Central Vacuum System do for you?

A Kiwivac central vacuum cleaner can reduce allergens in the home by 52% giving anyone in your family who suffers from allergies, asthma or eczema, freedom from the leading causes of these conditions.

A well-designed and professionally installed central vacuum system will add significant value to your home, your family’s well-being, your lifestyle and to your pocket.

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Which Central Vacuum System is right for you?

We only manufacture central vacuum units which require minimum handling of dust, dirt and allergen-causing agents collected in your power unit.

The cleanest way of emptying any central vacuum system is with a Closed Disposable Bag system and our AVT (Advanced Vacuum Technologies) Slide Plate system is the cleanest way to empty any Bagless system.

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We understand New Zealand homes and will provide you with a solution to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

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Why Kiwivac?
  • Improve your family’s health and reduce allergens by 52%
  • Easier and faster to vacuum than with a portable vacuum cleaner
  • Powerful but whisper quiet
  • Save time and money
  • Longer lasting power unit as made of steel
  • The most hygienic systems to empty – no bucket or bin fill of dust and dirt to empty.
  • Extend the life of your floor coverings and furnishings
  • Less damage to your walls and furnishings…
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Our New Zealand-wide network have installed over 15,000 systems and are trained to design your system to perform at its best at all times.

Whether your project is a new home, a renovation, an existing home or a commercial building, chances are it will be possible for our team to install a Kiwivac built-in vac system.

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Customer Care

Kiwivac can service and repair all types of central vacuum systems. Kiwivac service and repair most makes, models and brands of central vacuum cleaners and offer a convenient, fast and reliable service.

Our prices are competitive and we can respond to your service and repair needs promptly and efficiently…


Whether your project is a new home, a renovation, an existing home or a commercial bulding,
chances are it will be possible for our team to install a Kiwivac.

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About Us

Our number one passion and focus is and always has been the Central Vacuum industry. Over the past 2 decades, we have learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of Central Vacuums, homeowners’ needs, cleaning dynamics and product engineering. We believe in providing the customer with a quality product and accessoriesThe New Zealand Made logo and are committed to reliable and friendly customer service, meaning you can trust us with your Central Vacuum System and we will do everything to create an enjoyable experience for you.

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