Below is a list of Testimonials and Reviews from our clients through out the country.

We also have had clients place reviews on our listing on NoCowboys, Google My Business, TradeMe, Facebook and Yellow Pages and other sites. We encourage you to take a look at them to see what people think of our Central Vacuum power units, installations, repairs and maintenance and after sale service.

If you have any questions please give us a call on 09 2946 577 or send us an email info@kiwivac.co.nz.

25 October 2019
Thank you so much the new parts arrived this morning! The turbohead is amazing and my wife just said she had no idea central vacs could be so good!
I will be writing the reviews for you but I also wanted to say a very big well done on underselling and overdelivering on your service.

I own training companies and have been in the customer service and sales game for 30 years and I am constantly disappointed but you have blown me away with your amazing service and great business additions to make it easy for us to do business with you, well done! I will be using you as an example of how to do business at my future speaking engagements.

Thank you
Craig M

Craig M

23 October 2019
Thank you and the awesome gentleman that came out and fixed our central vacuum system and showed me how to use it properly.

Hope you all have an amazing day, thanks again for the awesome service

Ovis Central Vac

Briar N - Papakura (Ovis)

24 June 2019
I can’t tell you how much better Kiwivac is than our last one!

“We changed our central vacuum system to Kiwivac after moving into a new build 2 years ago, where a different system had been supplied by the builder. There was no comparison on how much better Kiwivac was to the other system which was not performing. The service for Kiwivac was also exceptional. We already knew Kiwivac was reliable after living in a 12 year old home with a Kiwivac system that always worked well previously.

Thank you,.
Sarah H

Sarah H

18 February 2019
Just moved to a new house in West Auckland and need some A60 bags for the vac system (which is awesome by the way!)

Tom S - Waimauku (Kiwivac)

1st November 2018
Thanks William for the filter you made for our Eurovac system. It fits perfectly.
We recommend your company for the great service you have given us.
Once again thank you.

EuroVac Central Vacuum Power Unit

Ewen C - Lower Hutt (Eurovac)

30th April 2018
Thanks for the great service, bag fit perfectly.

Mistral Central Vacuum

Dave S - Waiheke Island (Mistral)

20th April 2018
Thank you for the excellent service.

Smart Central Vacuum

Yuri C - Manukau (Smart)

15th January 2018
Extremely happy with the replacement hose and the system overall. It is running great!

Thank you very much for your service.

Brandon C - Waiau Pa

14th December 2017
We’ve had our Kiwivac central vac for 22 years and it is still going well. We are very happy with it.

Michael R - Takapuna

9th December 2017
I would just like to offer my sincere thanks for your great work in completing the pipe-out for our home.

We are particularly grateful for the fact that even though (and especially!) our house is under renovation by builder and associated trades, your team (Russell, Cambell) took the time and trouble to sweep-up the wood shavings and miscellaneous wire clippings, etc. that I am certain were a consequence of the work performed.

What a refreshing approach from Auckland contractors, to be so considerate – Thank you!

Best regards,
Paul & Francisca

Paul & Francisca S - Auckland

28th November 2017
The new part (replacement curved wand, handle) fits perfectly
Thanks so much for your help

Ovis Central Vacuum

Allison D - Onehunga (Ovis)

9th November 2017
Thanks very much for your efficient way of working – it was great to have our central vac system looked at so promptly.
We really appreciate your service.

VacuMaid Central Vacuum System

Susan S - Remuera

23rd October 2017
We have a kiwivac system and love it. I want to buy and extra hose to keep upstairs probably 9m in length with a wand extension and head (just brush) and hose sock.

Kim R - Orakei

22nd October 2017
Thanks to Campbell for his fine work and professional attitude.

Lorrie R - Waiheke Island

1st July 2017
Awesome service from William and you, the new vacuum works really well. You could smell the dust in the garage with the old one. The Kiwivac design seems to eliminate this. Should be a global brand eh.
Kind regards,

(Ashley’s previous Central Vac wasn’t a Kiwivac. It was another brand that uses a bucket/bin that clips onto the bottom of the unit).

Ashley G - Mt Wellington

7th June 2017
Thanks for the excellent service that Campbell provided. My wife too rated the service as of very high quality.
(Drimaster Filter Change)

Allwyn N - Sandringham

17th May 2017
Recently, we built a house with a group builder, we opted early on for a Central Vacuum System to be installed.
Our house is medium by today’s standards of 254m2 a Boomerang Shape although is long and narrow over 35 metres in length.

The service we experienced from our group builder was less than average to say the least, so we were concerned about their selection when it came to their recommendation
of a B1 Kiwivac System.

We researched and found the system as spec’d and provided by the group builder, was the least powerful that Kiwivac have in their range and consequently we were concerned about the length of the house that the system needed to cover. So we made a call to Kiwi Vac. They received this well, and offered reassurance that the system was adequate Kiwivac also offered a no questions system upgrade to a more powerful model if I was dissatisfied with the performance as promised by them.

I have to say we have been overwhelmed by the Kiwivac B1’s performance, this is the second house we have built in three years both having Central Vacuum Systems installed. The Kiwivac system installed in our current build, made the vac system we had supplied in our first build two years earlier ( supplied by another manufacturer) perform like a toy.

So, we had a minor teething problem nearly two years out with our Kiwivac, one call was all it took, The team at Kiwi Vac supported us, onsite, at no cost, with no questions asked.

For this level of friendly service, I personally would have no problem recommending them to anyone who’s expectation is similar to ours, great service, and a fantastic Quiet yet powerful and reliable system.

Thanks Kiwi Vac, we’ll be calling you for a system should we build again..

Craig from Pokeno

Craig from Pokeno

12th May 2017

We shifted into our brand new home 4 years ago and the central vac hose has been the bane of our life (cheap and nasty). I am so glad I found you and we have got a more robust longer, lasting hose and accessories from you now.

I’ll tell my neighbours to come to you too, as they have are having the same problem.

Jayme FR - Papakura

1st May 2017
Thanks for the great job Nigel.

Suren H - Paukranga

18th April 2017
We bought a house with a Kiwivac Central Vacuum in it. It’s MARVELLLOUS. It’s great we love it.
(Ordered bags)

E Powell - Three Kings

5th April 2017
We recently had one of your Kiwivac systems installed, it is really good.

My son is a builder, he has put Nigel’s details on file and he will refer his clients to Nigel if any want a Central Vac system.

Debbie B - Howick

9th March 2017
We have had our Kiwivac system since 1989 and this is the first time we’ve replaced anything (apart from the bags).
Purchased a Deluxe Combination Floor Tool / Foot and a Deluxe Dusting Brush

Wanda S - Waitakere

2nd March 2017
We have had our system just over 20 years and it is still going strong.

R Sanders - Dannemora

1 February 2017
I really appreciate your prompt service and honesty and being able to replace the part that other companies would tell me the whole thing needs to be replaced and charge us triple the price.

D Grey - Papakura

January 2017
Many thanks for the great service.
(Smart Central Vac System)

H Webster - Patumahoe

January 2017
We have had our Kiwivac for over 15 years (since September 2002) and just love it. We wouldn’t be without it.

Margaret H - Waiheke Island

December 2016
I purchased an AVT system about 8 years ago and the whole system has been and still is fantastic.

Shirley E - Mangawhai

November 2016
We are very please with the product and service.
Great dealing with you.
(Installed a second Kiwivac system in their second house)

Mike & Janet De P - Waihi and Auckland

November 2016
Thank you very much for the excellent service and prompt responses throughout. I hope not to have to buy and more spares for my vacuum, but if I have to you’re the guys I’ll come to. The new circuit board was a prefect fit. I dropped it in, connected all the wires, switched it on and presto!
Thanks again.

(SmartVac System)

Lukas V - Wellington

October 2016
Thank you so much for the excellent service. I really appreciated William came to me at the weekend and did the repair in no time at all.

(DVS Central Vacuum System)

Louise A - Papamoa

July 2016
Thank you for the prompt service and assistance with the new of parts and accessories that I required.
Very easy to deal with and fabulous delivery to site. WOW, floors are loving the change!

Earlier in the month Nicholle had bought some accessories from us:
‘Really appreciate the prompt service and the new gear that you sent me.
After seeing how nice the new stuff is (slightly different given ours is 13 years old), I think I should upgrade the whole lot.’

Nicholle K - Matakana

May 2016
Exemplary service as always, thanks.

A Hawkins - Epsom

May 2016
We are very happy with our Kiwivac system, this is our second system we have had installed.
In between them we installed a different brand, when we built or second house, which our daughter got cheaper for us, through her work. We didn’t like it and weren’t happy with it at all. We came back to Kiwivac when we built our third house.

We were happy to pay the extra and get a quality system.

Heather - Gulf Harbour

“Just to let you know that I thought John was very good, professional and friendly and would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him or Kiwivac to anyone else. “

B Smith (JP), Whangaparaoa

Thank you so much for the excellent service. I really appreciated William came to me at the weekend and did the repair in no time at all.

Louise Arcus

I has received the vacuum’s bags today morning. Thanks for your service, so quickly, that is awesome.

(Premier Clean Central Vacuum)

Joe Z, Epsom

We are very pleased with the product and the service.
Great dealing with you.

P Marshall - Warkworth

A MASSIVE thank you to the wonderful staff at Kiwivac – Michelle on the phone was so helpful. I called expecting to have to replace my whole hose and head unit, but Michelle went through the options with me and it turned out I only needed a couple of small parts (saving me lots of dollars!). The fact that she only sold me what I really needed is a true testament to the absolute wonderfulness of this company and its staff. My parts arrived super quickly and now I am a happy housewife again!

Thanks again Michelle for all of your wonderfulness!!

Sarah H, Kaukapakapa

“We wanted to say thanks for servicing our SMART central Vac yesterday (12/09/2013). We had John come around and service our system on Kohimarama Road. He was on time, thorough and efficient and knowledgeable and we are very pleased with the result. We would use him again and would recommend Kiwivac to others.”

Natalie and Mike

“Thanks for the service Kiwivac. It’s wonderful and we would like to pay for it ASAP. I would recommend you to others. “

B Huang, Howick Dannemora

I have recently built a new home and had a bucket type central vacuum system installed by the builder. I don’t like it and don’t want it. I have removed it and have replaced it with a Kiwivac bagged system.
I loved my Kiwivac’s they are so clean and easy to empty, I’ve had two Kiwivac’s in our previous two homes and wouldn’t have a bucket system.

Helen A, Gulf Harbour

Since we bought our brand new house in March 2013 we have struggled to vacuum with the xxxxx Central vacuum that was installed. I thought that’s what central vacuum systems are like as I hadn’t had one before.

I contacted the supplier/installer the first week of March this year and explained the situation that it was a struggle to vacuum as the suction was so low. They fobbed me off and told me there was nothing they could do.

I called Kiwivac Central Vacuum Systems and they found the problem and fixed it for me. We are really happy with the service the team at Kiwivac Central Vacuums gave us. It is so easy to vacuum now.

I give you guys 5 Stars *****

S Gounder, Henderson Valley

“The system is fantastic and will be recommending it to everyone!
Many Thanks”

Fiona, Papakura

“Have received the replacement hose, which fits perfectly, so I am very pleased. It has lots of sucky sucky too. Thank you “


Great service thanks.

Peter M, Warkworth

We are very happy with our Kiwivac system it works really well and has great suction.

Kaye L, Herne Bay

We have had our Kiwivac central vacuum for almost 8 years and are very happy with it. I rang to see if it needed servicing, as I had never had it serviced. I was told it doesn’t need servicing so long as I use the official Kiwivac disposable bag.

Heather E, Whangaparaoa

We are very happy with our new Kiwivac system. We have had a couple of Kiwivac’s in our previous homes and always been very happy with them. In between our last Kiwivac system and this one we had another brand installed as our daughter got it cheaper through her work. We didn’t like it and weren’t happy with it (another brand) and came back to Kiwivac for our latest new home and as I said we are very happy with it.

Jane P, Greenhithe

We are very happy with our Kiwivac Central Vacuum System. The Kiwivac team were professional, efficient and friendly and we felt the quote was highly competitive. The system was installed and functional in just a few hours with minimal disruption and no residual mess. Vacuuming is now a breeze – twice as effective in half the time, and we love that there is no unit to cause damage to our floors. We would not hesitate to recommend Kiwivac to anyone thinking about installing a central vacuum system. 
Thanks Kiwivac!

Karina and Lloyd, Auckland

We have just had a Kiwivac ducted vacuum system unit installed in our home in Christchurch. Pete provided excellent service and a wonderful product. We are thrilled with the suction and ease of use the unit provides.  The fact it is New Zealand made is also a huge selling feature. Pete installed the unit easily, promptly and efficiently. He communicated well around the timing of the installation and has provided after sale service above and beyond our expectation.

I never thought I’d write this, but I now love vacuuming!

Juanita and Terry C. Christchurch

Al and I wanted to drop you a note to thank you and William for the brilliant service (and follow up service) you guys have given us.
Having just completed a major renovation, I have to say that you guys are the only contractors who we written a note like this to – and that’s because you have consistently exceeded our expectations.
From the start, we were convinced that we only wanted a small vacpan installed. It was going to be a small job for you guys, but you were happy to quote. What’s more, you also gave us a very reasonable quote to install the entire house. At the time, I didn’t think I wanted it, but we changed our mind and you guys fitted us into your tight schedule. As it turned out, the central vac system is brilliant – way better than we thought it would be. It’s powerful, easy to use and, most importantly for us, quiet!
When we recently had issues with our vacuum head (brought about by our type of carpet) William came to visit us to check it out and then happily changed the head to one that works brilliantly throughout the house. It was great after sales service – and much appreciated.
You guys are a pleasure to deal with, you supply and install a great product, and we just thought that we should let you know.

Matt and Al, Milford

I meant to email you earlier this week – just to let you know that the order arrived Monday -incredible service, thank you so much!  I feel so much happier with a clean house.  Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend.

Cherry K, Seatoun, Wellington

We’re all up & running.
Thanks for the prompt supply.
Smart PU400

John, Wellington

We renovated our home is 2007 and put in a Kiwivac central vacuum system, it is the best thing we ever did. I wouldn’t be without it.

R Smith, Karaka

Below is a list of Testimonials and Reviews from our clients through out the country. We also have had clients place reviews on our listing on NoCowboys, Google My Business, TradeMe, Facebook, Yellow Pages and other sites. We encourage you to take a look at them to see what people think of our Central Vacuum power units, installations, repairs and maintenance and after sale service.

If you have any questions please give us a call on 09 2946 577 or send us an email info@kiwivac.co.nz.