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The Cleanest and Healthiest Central Vacuum Systems available

Micro Filter Sealed Bagged System

Our compostable/disposable Micro Lined filter bags have been developed to provide the best filtration of dirt, dust, & allergens. They do this by having not 1, but 2 micro filter layers inside the bag. The sealed bag is then simply thrown away when it is full (typically once or twice a year). When you do this you are also changing the primary filter which is very good for the motor – just the same as replacing the oil and air filters in your car, the more often you do this the longer your motor will last and the better it will perform. A further 2 filters help to filter the air as it passes through the power unit.

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Patented Slide Plate Bagless System

Kiwivac AVT obtained this Patented Technology in 2009. This is the only bagless system in the world that meets our requirements in terms of hygienic emptying systems, combined with meeting our minimum filtration and performance standards. The TEFLON coated filter is truly maintenance free and the slide plate emptying system is truly touch free in terms of dirt, dust and allergens – no dirty buckets to empty and clean.

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