AVT Bagless Series

The Cleanest and Healthiest Bagless Central Vacuum Systems available

We only manufacture central vacuum units which require minimum handling of dust, dirt and allergen-causing agents collected in your power unit. Our research and years of experience has led us to develop two of the most hygienic and user-friendly emptying methods available. Choose from either our AVT Bagless series with the patented Advanced Vacuum Technologies (AVT) Slide Plate or our Micro Filter Sealed Bag System.

Model AVT1

  • No. of Inlets: Up to 6
  • House Size: Up to 250m2
  • Airwatts: 461aw
  • Waterlift: 2836mm
  • Dust Capacity: 25L
  • HxW Dimensions: 1025 x 320mm

Model AVT2

  • No. of Inlets: 4-10
  • House Size: 200-450m2
  • Airwatts: 474aw
  • Waterlift: 3482mm
  • Dust Capacity: 25L
  • HxW Dimensions: 1025 x 435mm

Model AVT3

  • No. of Inlets: 8-15
  • House Size: 350 – 600m2
  • Airwatts: 653aw
  • Waterlift: 3759mm
  • Dust Capacity: 25L
  • HxW Dimensions: 1025 x 435mm

Model AVT4T

  • No. of Inlets: 12 plus
  • House Size: 600m2 plus
  • Airwatts: 868aw
  • Waterlift: 3482mm
  • Dust Capacity: 33L
  • HxW Dimensions: 1175 x 500mm

We understand New Zealand homes and will provide you with a solution to perfectly suit your lifestyle

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AVT Slide Plate Series

The cleanest way to empty your bagless system. Our patented Slide Plate Cyclonic power units feature the most hygienic bagless emptying system in the world. The power unit is directly and cleanly emptied into your household rubbish bag by withdrawing the slide plate from its base a couple times a year. Close the slide plate and you are done. There is no getting your hands dirty emptying the system.

To make our Slide Plate Cyclonic power units truly maintenance free we searched the world for the best filter available. Our TEFLON lined self cleaning filter ensures your power unit is maintenance free.

Our Power Units include the following as standard:

3 Easy Steps to Empty

  1. Attach a rubbish bag
  1. Pull slide plate out
  1. Push slide plate back in