Bagged Central Vacuum Series

The Cleanest and Healthiest Bagged Central Vacuum Systems available

We only manufacture central vacuum units which require minimum handling of dust, dirt and allergen-causing agents collected in your power unit. Our research and years of experience has led us to develop two of the most hygienic and user-friendly emptying methods available – choose from either our Bagged Central Vacuum System which uses Micro Filter Sealed Disposable Bag or the patented AVT Slide Plate Series.

Model KB1

  • No. of Inlets: Up to 6
  • House Size: Up to 250m2
  • Airwatts: 461aw
  • Waterlift: 2836mm
  • Dust Capacity: 19L
  • HxW Dimensions: 800 x 320mm

Model KB2

  • No. of Inlets: 4 – 10
  • House Size: 200 to 450m2
  • Airwatts: 474aw
  • Waterlift: 3482mm
  • Dust Capacity: 19L
  • HxW Dimensions: 800 x 320mm

Model KB3

  • No. of Inlets: 8-15
  • House Size: 350-600m2
  • Airwatts: 653aw
  • Waterlift: 3759mm
  • Dust Capacity: 19L
  • HxW Dimensions: 800 x 320mm

Model KB4T

  • No. of Inlets: 12 plus
  • House Size: 600m2 plus
  • Airwatts: 868aw
  • Waterlift: 3482mm
  • Dust Capacity: 26L
  • HxW Dimensions: 800 x 390mm

We understand New Zealand homes and will provide you with a solution to perfectly suit your lifestyle

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Micro Filter Sealed Bag System

 A virtually maintenance-free bagged option. Our disposable bag range virtually eliminates all contact with dirt and dust. The double-layered micro filter lined bags last most households 4 – 6 months, and in some cases, over 12 -18 months. Because we use vertical bag filtration, rather than using a cyclonic action, there is minimal suction loss until the bag is completely full. When it is full, simply remove and insert a new bag. It takes just seconds. Each time you do this, you’ve just changed the primary filter in the triple filtration system – making our premier series power units virtually maintenance-free.

Our Power Units include the following as standard:

3 Step Bag Emptying System

  1. Remove the lid of your Kiwivac AVT power unit. Slide the bag and cardboard ring backwards until it comes off the intake tube. Carefully remove the bag. Make sure the interior of the Kiwivac unit is clean and free of debris. Ensure the cloth filter is hanging in the correct position – sitting evenly on the lip just below the intake pipe.
  1. Unfold your new Kiwivac AVT bag, expand the pleats of the new Kiwivac bag then hold it by the free ends of the cardboard and position the hole in the cardboard ring on the end of the intake tube.
  1. Slide forward until the cardboard is completely on the tube and close to the wall of the power unit. Replace the lid making sure it is correctly seated on the power unit. You are ready for your next vacuum. Your Kiwivac AVT bag is completely compostable so you can dispose of the bag and its contents by composting or putting it into your household rubbish bag.