Commercial Systems


Kiwivac has a wide range of experience with different commercial situations ranging from Car Valets, including Dealerships, and Rental firms through to Rest homes and Private Hospitals, woodworking workshops, Churches, Offices and Hairdressing Salons and Barber Shops.


By using one of our systems you take the dust and dirt straight away from the workplace rather than stirring up the allergens and the dirt using a broom.


Kiwivac has taylormade tools for the car valet industry and will be happy to work with you to ensure that you have the right tool for your particular application.


We can design a system to keep your factory, shop, office, church, rest home, private hospital or any other workplace clean and tidy using one of our range of machines. We have a range of specially designed and NZ Made robust vacuum accessories.


We use longlife commercial motors where long hours of use are involved and a range of dirt receptacles depending on the situation.

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