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Why We Don't Have An E-Commerce Page On Our Website.

Why don’t you have an E-Commerce page on your Website?

We have been thinking seriously about having an facility for people to buy online from our website. However after a lot of consideration we have chosen not to have an E-Commerce site.

Some reasons why we prefer to talk to our customers –

  • We sometimes find when people ring up to order an accessory or spare part it isn’t always the best option. Sometimes it can even be the the wrong part.
  • Different bags fit power units and brands. With some other brands for example, the Smart (Smartvac) bagged systems they have 2 different filtration systems. With both types of bagged systems taking different bags. The only way to confirm which type of bags is best for their system is to find out which filtration system they have. This is best discussed over the phone.
  • We have had people want to order a new hose when all they need is a replacement hose handle.
  • Different types of vacuum heads / floor tools work better of different types of carpet. If we can’t work out over the phone which head would be better we would recommend they try several different ones to see what works best. In some cases we will come to your home with a selection for you to try.
  • People have been told by our competitors they need a new power unit, when in fact the motor in their existing system can be replaced, saving them money.


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