New Homes

A Central Vacuum System can be installed into 99% of new homes.

New Homes

We are happy to provide you with a no obligation free quote at any stage of your new build, once the plans are confirmed.

For larger more complex homes it is best to get in touch with us once your plans are confirmed and before the site work starts, encase we need to run pipes under the slab.

  • We come in when the roof is on and before the batts are put in and wall board goes on, around the same time as the electrician and plumber.
  • The pipework is run inside the walls either up into the ceiling or down under the floor, multi-storey homes are done the same way, with the pipes going between the different levels. Inlets are placed around your home to cover approximately 60 square metres.

Central Vacuum power unit – situated in the garage, basement or a cupboard so long as there is adequate ventilation.

Inlets – located, at the same height as your power points, in convenient places throughout your home to make vacuuming easy with a 9 metre switch hose. We suggest a 9 metre hose or shorter, unless it is absolutely necessary to go longer, due to the construction of your home. A longer hose is less efficient and quite a bit more hose to pull around.

Vacpan – placed in the kickboard of your kitchen, usually located under a set of drawers. This is piped in at the same time as the rest of the inlets. They can also be put into the laundry or any other room that has hard flooring, where you want to sweep up the small messes.

Garage Inlet – lets you vacuum your car, boat etc and garage area. This can be either an inlet on the wall (like in the rest of your home) or a utility located on the pipework going into the power unit. The wall inlet is piped as the same stage as your pipeout.

Our New Zealand wide network of Kiwivac AVT experts have installed over 13,000 systems and are trained to:
  • Design your system to perform at its best at all times
  • Design your system to be user friendly
  • Consult with you on the best design, hose length and tools for your needs
  • Carry out the installation to the highest standards
  • Ensure your installation is New Zealand Building Code compliant

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Your Kiwivac AVT expert will be able to work out a way to install your Central Vacuum System. We love a challenge! We will design a Central Vacuum System for your new home.

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