Axis Floor Brush – 320mm wide

A photo of the Axis Floor Tool

Axis Floor Brush – 320mm wide

Part No. A41AX

Designed for hard flooring there is nothing like the Axis cleaning agility floor brush. It stays flat on the floor at all times, no matter how you move, twist or rotate it. It swivels and cleans at 90° angles and in spaces as narrow as 127mm wide.

The 320mm width combined with natural cleaning angles makes for the ultimate cleaning experience.

Perfect for all types of tile, wood, marble, cork, and bamboo floors.

People who have tried this Axis brush love it and have to have it. They find it glides so easier over their hard floors and is easier to use than the traditional wheel brush.

NB. Will not work on carpets, throw rugs or mats, due to its swivel the brush will lift up and tuck down on carpet.

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