Canplas/Vacu-Valve Central Vacuum Wall Inlet

Canplas/Vacu-Valve Inlet

Canplas/Vacu-Valve Central Vacuum Wall Inlet

White, Black and Brushed Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Gun Metal wall inlet- Part No. A81V

These full face opening Vacuvalve central vacuum inlets have a two screw attaching them to the backing plate in the wall and two metal terminals points inside the wall inlet hole. These inlet or outlet valves have been installed in many homes a lot of different brands of central vacuums. You can replace them or have them replaced by your local Kiwivac Agent, contact us if you need any help or to find out more.

Can be installed to open either up or down.

Available in White, Black, Brushed Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Gun Metal.

Need a replacement wall inlet contact your local dealer on 0800 354 948


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