Closed Micro Filter Bags (extra large) – 723MF Printed on the Bag

A photo of Closed Micro Filter Vacuum Bags

Closed Micro Filter Bags (extra large) – 723MF Printed on the Bag

Kiwivac Vacuum Bag

Part No. A64 ( Part No #723MF-5 printed on bag)

A larger bag for a large body or twin motor Kiwivac central vacuum system approximately 370mm diameter. This Closed Micro Filter Bags – Part #723MF-5 printed on the bag is the official bag that must be used at all times. If any other bag or no bag is used the warranty of your machine may be void.

This bag also fits – Astrovac, Aussie Vac, Beam, BVC, Cyclovac, DVS central vac, Eurovac, MD, ModernDay, Modern Day, Smart, Smartvac, Premier Clean, Pullman, SilentMaster, Silent Master, Ultra Clean, Vacumaid, Valet, Wadvark and other bagged power units.

Top quality filtration vacuum bag, with ultra filtration, maximum air flow and easy disposal the Microfilter bags are the best available. With a connection hole that is towards the top of the bag and connects to a 47mm – 70mm diameter pipe.

These bags, Part No. 723-5MF, replace the Unifit 136 / Unifit136 central vacuum paper bag that is no long available. That fitted Astrovac, AussieVac, Pullman, Smart, Smartvac, Premier Monarch, Valet and others.


These bags DO NOT FIT the 300mm diameter Kiwivac power units.
The 300mm diameter Kiwivac power units take the Kiwivac Bag; Part No. A60.


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