Garage Hose and Accessories Set

Garage Tool Set

Garage Hose and Accessories Set

This durable garage hose and accessories set is ideal for cleaning the garage, cars, workbench, caravans etc. The garage set comes with a wall mounted hose and tool caddy, 2 plastic wands, wheel brush, crevice and a 2 piece upholstery brush, dusting brush, and a standard hose. The standard hose turns on as soon as it is placed into the inlet in the garage or the utility beside the machine. Longer hoses are available.

You can have it as a second hose and accessories set in your home, work space or office. Ideal if you want a central vacuum hose and accessories set, that doesn’t have all the extras.

We can make the hose as long as you require to reach all areas that need vacuuming.

We will also custom make a hose and accessory sets to suit your vacuuming needs.

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