Hose Joiner

Hose Joiner

Hose Joiner

Threaded both ends

This connects two pieces of vacuum hose together to repair a cut or torn hose. Or you can  extend your main hose by joining another hose or piece of hose to it. Great for repairing a standard hose that has split or been cut in the coils of the hose. It can’t be used close to the handle.

If you hose has split close to the handle you may be able to cut the hose and retread it back into your handle. It depends on the type of handle you have. *** Please call or send us a photo to see if you can do this with your hose.***

Please Note: Not to be used with a hose that has an on/off switch / button.

To be used with a standard hose only, as there are no wires, which are required to activate an on/off switch hose.

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