Kiwivac Closed Micro Filter Bags (standard size)

A photo of Kiwivac Closed Micro Filter Bags (standard size)

Kiwivac Closed Micro Filter Bags (standard size)

Part No. A60 ( Part No A19 printed on bag) – fit 300mm diameter Power Unit

The official disposable bag that fits 99% of all Kiwivac bagged power units. This large 19 litre bag with a double layered filter for dust collection, makes emptying your power unit a breeze. These official bags must be used at all times, if you any other bag or no bag is used the warranty of your machine will be void. These top quality filtration vacuum bag, with ultra filtration, maximum air flow and easy to dispose of, these Microfilter bags are the best available. Fits onto a pipe of up to 55mm diameter. Fit some Eurovac and Smart bagged systems.

These bags fit Kiwivac power units that are 300mm diameter. If you Kiwivac central vacuum is approximately 370mm wide you need Part No. A64
These bags DO NOT FIT the 370mm diameter Kiwivac power units.
The  370mm diameter Kiwivac Power Units it takes the Closed Microfibre Filter Bag  Part No. A64.


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When change your kiwivac bag; remove the lid, slide the bag off the intake pipe. Gently remove the bags from the unit, as the dust compartment should be very full, this is the hardest part. Get your new bag, open the pleats out and put over the intake pipe. Replace the lid, making sure it is sitting correctly and you are back to 100% suction. Dispose of your full bag along with your house hold rubbish or it can be composted if you remove the rubber surround that holds on the intake pipe.

The cleanest emptying system available!!

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