PetVac Vacuum Set

PetVac Vacuum Set

Part No. A49PVS

The PetVac removes much more undercoat than the regular grooming process of bathing and brushing. Combining central vacuum suction with professional tools to groom your pet with NO MESS. Connect the hose to your central vacuum hose and cleanly groom your pets! the PetVac Shed Eliminator is designed to vacuum up the hair and remove it from your living area as you groom your pet.

It is suitable for 99% of central vacuum systems, with its specially designed hose and airflow bleeder valve.

The PetVac set comes with PetVac hose, shed-eliminator grooming comb, lint brush and small pet brush.

The kit comes with:
Shed Eliminator
Designed to vacuum up and remove the hair from your living area as you groom your pet. It’s a hybrid between a professional pet de-shedding comb and a vacuum accessory. The Shed Eliminator does not cut the pet’s hair or coat. It is designed to remove the loose undercoat with its safe effective carding blade. The blade may look sharp, buts its functionality and shape is designed to be very safe.

Small Pet Grooming Tool
Ideal for using on your pet either separately or attached to your vacuum hose, giving your pet an enjoyable massage. It glides over the fur coat removing loose hair and debris and is soft enough that it can even be used on your pets’ soft underbelly.

Lint Brush
With two removable lint edges on the underside and the wide air channel, you completely remove pet hair from your bed, furniture and clothing.

The Hose
The 4.5 metre hose that is designed to be used in conjunction with your vacuum hose. Plug the hose into your existing vacuum hose, open the special air bleeder valve and you are ready to groom you pet. A tip is to place the hose connection away around a corner from where you are grooming your pet as this is where most of the noise is, and you are ready to use your PetVac.
If used without this hose there may be too much suction.

Extra Combing Blades are available.

Vacuuming away unwanted pet hair while combing, attached to your central vac for deep grooming.


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