Pipe & Hose Maintenance Sheets

Pipe & Hose Maintenance Sheets

Part No. A58

The best way to clean the inside of your vacuum hose and pipes is with these free flow pipe & hose maintenance sheets/wipes. Just suck one or two sheets directly through your hose at each central vacuum wall inlet. The sheets travel through your hose and pipes and stay in the main dust compartment of your central vacuum unit.

As they flow through your hose and pipes they are wiping the surfaces. Once the pipe wipes have been vacuumed up, they remain in the dust compartment of the central vac leaving the entire system including the exhaust with a pleasant fresh scent.  The speed and volume that they travel at forces objects like small sticks, stones, leaves, hair-fuzz balls into the main vacuum unit. Helping to eliminate blockages.

Occasionally they won’t remove a build-up of debris that has built up over time. If this happens give us a call and we will come and clear it for you.

Suitable for all makes and models of central vacuum cleaners.

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