Standard Hose

A photo of the standard hose

Standard Hose

Available in any length – Part No. A1ABA

This crush proof hose made in New Zealand is available in any length, whether it is for your general cleaning or a shorter hose to do these small areas close to the inlets or as an extension. It can be purchased as a complete hose with curved wand and cuff or as plain hose with no ends. This hose is a high quality hose and is more robust than other standard hoses available elsewhere. Remember to always remove the wands from the hose when you have finished vacuuming.
Hose socks are available to protect your walls and furnishings whilst vacuuming.

Please Note:
Replacement curved wands and hose cuffs are available under Spare Parts or click on the links curved wands and hose cuffs . If your hose is in good condition but you need a new curved wand (the bit you hold onto) or hose cuff (the bit that plugs into the wall)

Need a new hose but your hose ends are fine: You can buy the hose only and use your existing hose ends.

** Please measure your existing hose before contacting us so you know how long your replacement hose needs to be.**


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