White, black, ivory, brushed aluminium and stainless steel – Part No. A25

The automatic dustpan and brush is ideal for areas you sweep frequently. You simply sweep the mess to your VacPan, gently flick the switch and it’s gone! It’s that easy! They are usually installed in the toe kick or baseboard of your kitchen cabinets, laundry or workshop units; any dry areas that need quick and frequent sweep up cleaning.The ultimate convenience, no brush and shovel and no bending down to pick up the dust and dirt.

The VacPan needs to be allowed for when you are having your home piped out, and are installed at the same time as your system is finished off.

A vacpan (automatic dustpan inlet) can be added at a later stage in you have an existing central vacuum system depending on the layout of your home and your kitchen design. Contact us if you are interested in having a VacPan installed.

Vacpans are available in white, black, ivory, brushed aluminum, stainless steel.

Replacement Vacpan Levers are available under Spare Parts or search ‘Vacpan Lever’ in Search at the top of the page.

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