Service & Repair – fix low suction

Kiwivac can Service and Repair almost all types of central vacuum systems

We restore poor suction, low suction and low pressure, replace broken wall faceplates, inlets, hoses, and handles as well as repair broken pipework, and fittings etc. While giving you honest, reliable advise.

Do you need a quick and reliable service job done on your central vacuum system? We service and repair central vacuum systems that are no longer sold in NZ, including Canavac, CentralVac International, DVS, EasyVac, Elantra, Electron, Eurovac, Hills 1600, Hills Bronze, Hayden Supervac, MaxVak, Mistral, Modern Day, Ovis, Pullman, Silent Master, SilentMaster, Silverfern, Smartvac, Tellus, Vacumaid and Valdeig, Zanussi.

Kiwivac service and repair our own brands Kiwivac and AVT (Advanced Vacuum Technologies), as well as all makes, models and brands of central / in-built vacuum systems and offer a convenient, fast and reliable service.

Other makes, models and brands of central vacs we service include; 5 Star, Aertecnica, Allegro, Astrovac, Auskay, AVT, Beam, BVC, Canavac, Centralvac, CentralVac International, Centuri, Compact2, Cupboard Vac, CV Direct, Cyclovac, DrainVac, Duovac, DVS central vac, EasyVac, Elantra, Electron, Electrolux, Eurovac, EVS, Excel, FiveStar, Hayden, Hayden Supervac, Hills, Honeywell, Hoover, Husky, InterVac, LaserVac, LaVac, Lux Vac, LuxVac, MaxVak, Mistral, Modern Day, Monarch, Nilfisk, Nutone, Ovo, Ovis, Premier, Premier Clean, Premier Clean – Monarch, Premier Clean – Compact, Pullman, Sach, Smart, Smartvac, Silent Master, SilentMaster, Silverfern, SuperVac, Tellus, Tornado, Ultra Clean, UltraClean, UltraVac, Vacumaid, Valdeig, Volta, Wadvark, Wardvak and Zanussi, including whatever you have.

We replace motor brushes, faulty motors, inlets (wall sockets) and VacPans (the things you sweep the dust and dirt up to, flick the lever and it is whisked away), repair hose and hand pieces, and clear blockages in your pipe work and hoses. Additionally, we supply inlet covers, replacement levers for VacPans (those things in the kitchen you sweep the dust and dirt into), filters and filter bags including disposable bags, and accessories for almost all central vacuum systems.

Does your hose or hand piece need repairing? If it can be fixed we can fix it.

Our prices are competitive and we can respond to your service and repair needs promptly and efficiently. Contact us today on 0800 354 948

Have a blockage in your pipe work or in your hose or is your system not sucking very well?

If you have a blockage in the pipework or your hose or have lack of suction at one or more wall inlets (the wall sockets your hose plugs into), we can clear this and get your system back working like it used to. We clear blocked pipes for all brands of central vacuums, including brands that are no longer sold in New Zealand.

Examples of these brands no longer sold in New Zealand include:
Eurovac, Smart, Smartvac, Electron, Astrovac, Auskay, Allegro, Canavac, Centralvac International, Centuri, Duovac, DVS, Elantra, Excel, FiveStar, Hayden, Hoover, Laservac, Maxvak, Mistral, MD, Modern Day, Ova, Ovis, Silent Master, Silver Fern, Pullman, Sash, Tellus, UltraClean, Ultravac, Vacumaid,  Vacuumaid, Valgeig, Volta, Wardvak, Wardvark, Zanussi. Call us on 0800 354 948

Need to know something about your central vacuum system - how it works, replacement parts, accessories or bags?

Whether you have just moved into your new home and there is a central vacuum installed, it is piped out – you have the pipes in the walls but need a motor/power unit – the bit where all the dust and dirt is collected, or you have had a system for a while. If you have a question we can help you.

Contact your local Kiwivac Agent or Head Office and we will endeavour to answer your question and solve your problem. Contact us or visit our Frequently Asked Questions which may provide the answers you require.

Do you already have a Central Vacuum System installed in your home or business?

For more information about:

a) How the new Nylon Solution Dyed and Synthetic carpets (including SmartStrand, or Rhino, Triextra, Zen3, SDN – Solution Dyed Nylon type brands) can make it difficult to use your existing floor tools and how we can help.
b) How we can help clear your blockage.
c) Your house is already piped out for a central vacuum system and you want to finish the system by installing the power unit or put inlet cover plates on the walls.
d) You want to know something about your system – how it works, replacement parts, accessories and bags.

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