Already have a Central Vacuum System

Do you already have a Central Vacuum System installed in your home or business?

Is your central vacuum not sucking very well or do you have a blockage in your pipe work or in your hose?

If you have a blockage in the pipework or your hose or have lack of suction at one or more wall inlet valves we will fix it and get your system back working like it used to. We clear blocked pipes and check suction for all brands of central vacuums, including brands that are no longer in New Zealand. Call us on 0800 354 948.


Have you extended or altered your home and found that you can’t vacuum everywhere now as your hose doesn’t reach.

We sell two types of extension hoses that are compatible with nearly all central vacuum hoses:

  • 3.6m Switch Hose Extension Hose – allows your switch hose to work
  • Standard Hose Extension – made to any length you need to reach everywhere. (Your switch hose on/off button won’t work with this type of extension. It will start up as soon as you plug the hose into the inlet and to stop you unplug the extension hose from the wall.

Feel like you are having a ‘Gym Workout’ every time you vacuum!!

If your carpet is very dense, has a plush pile or has a thick felt type backing you will have the wrong type of vacuum head. If this is the case you will need a different vacuum head. Call us on 0800 354 948.

We service and repair all Central Vacuum Cleaners and Systems

We service and repair all makes, models and brands of central vac’s including Astrovac, Auskay, AV Eco, AVT, Beam, BVC, Canavac, Centralvac, CentralVac International, Centuri, Cupboard Vac, CV Direct, Cyclovac, DrainVac, DVS central vac, EasyVac, Elantra, Electron, Eurovac, Excel, Hayden, Hayden Supervac, Hills, Hoover, InterVac, KitVac, LaserVac, Lux, MaxVak, Mistral, Modern Day, Nilfisk, Nutone, Ovis, Premier, Premier Clean, Premier Clean – Monarch, Premier Clean – Compact, Pullman, Sach, Silent Master, SilentMaster, Silverfern, Smart, Smartvac, Tellus, Tornado, Ultra Clean, UltraClean, UltraVac, Vacumaid, Valdeig, Valet, Volta, Wadvark, Wardvak, Zanussi and 5 Star. We replace motor brushes, faulty motors, inlets* and vacpans and clear blockages in your pipe work and hose. We supply inlet covers, sometimes called, replacement vacpans, (those things in the kitchen that you sweep the dust and dirt into), filters and filter bags, and accessories for almost all Central Vacuum systems.

* Inlet Covers – Also referred to as faceplates, vacuum valves, wall valves, outlets covers, inlet valves and inlet cover plates. We have the largest range of inlet face plates available in NZ.

Does your hose or hand piece need repairing? If it can be fixed we can fix it. Call us on 0800 354 948.

New SmartStrand Carpet is causing problems - not being able to move your central vacuum over the new carpet.

We are finding that newly carpeted or re-carpeted homes with Synthetic Carpets like SmartStrand carpets including Rhino and Silk, and Solution Dyed Nylon carpets including Triexta, Zen3, SDN – Solution Dyed Nylon are having problems with their central vacs not being able to move the floor tool over the new carpet. With this new type of carpet the conventional floor tools tend to stick to the carpet making it very hard to vacuum. Give us a call for your choice of floor tools that will worn on your new carpet. Phone 0800 354 948.

House already piped out for a central vacuum

We supply free quotations for the power unit; tool sets and anything else needed to finish off your system. Give us a call on 0800 354 948.

Need to know something about your built in vacuum system: - how it works, replacement parts, accessories or bags.

Whether you have just moved into your new home and there is a central vacuum installed, it is piped out for a system to be installed or you have had a system for a while, we can help you.

Contact your local Kiwivac agent or Head Office and we will endeavour to answer your question and solve your problem.

Contact us Or visit our Frequently Asked Questions that may be able to answer your questions.