Vacuum Pipe is a Different Size to Plumbing Pipe

Vac pipe is imperial, Plumbing pipe is metric.

Vacuum Pipe is a Different Size to Plumbing Pipe

Central vacuum pipe is a different size to plumbers pipe. Vacuum pipe is 2″ diameter, whereas plumbing pipe is 50mm. The different sizes are because central vacuum systems originated in America and Canada and they use imperial measurement (inches). Plumbing pipe is a metric measurement so not compatible central vacuum fittings and wall inlets.

If you need some vacuum pipe or bends / joiners / fittings give us a call and we will help you out.

If you need an alteration done to your existing vac system or are doing adding on to your vacuum system, we can either come and do the job for you or you can buy small amounts from your local Kiwivac AVT agent. We stock a large range of fittings including bends, joiners/couplings, clips, inlet backing plates  and pipe and wire suitable for Central Vacuum systems.

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